How The First Week of Cycling Made My Butt Hurt

A few weeks ago after experiencing some car trouble, I hatched a brilliant plan to make my commute¬†around the city, 'simpler'. I decided I would get a bike and just like my school days, I would ride gracefully to work, cafes and what not. The wind on my face and Mozart's Andante Piano Concerto #21 … Continue reading How The First Week of Cycling Made My Butt Hurt


The Internet Is Driving Me Nuts!

In the good old days, the choices were limited. I am talking about the internet and social media of course¬†and I am talking about a time when Orkut ruled the social media circus. Notebooks were made of paper and projects were managed in large box file folders. Not anymore! I wrote about productivity tools a … Continue reading The Internet Is Driving Me Nuts!

Spilling the beans

Truth be told, this blog is probably a waste of time. I can spend my time writing for what I get paid for which is almost always technology. And that is probably the biggest reason for me being here I guess. Forgive me for any grammatical¬†mistakes that I commit hereinafter which may be deliberate in … Continue reading Spilling the beans